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Hi! I'm dante_nl

I am a teenage developer that enjoys coding. I live in the Netherlands (it's currently loading my time for me, so I'm probably asleep or awake), however, I prefer to speak English online, and I prefer the U.S. version of English, but sadly, the U.K. version is taught at my school, however my grades were never affected by me using the U.S. version on tests.

I have coded various things, ranging from Discord bots in Python, to a website that gets the Hypixel stats of a player in PHP. I used to be quite active in the Shortcuts community from 2019 to 2020, however, in my opinion, Apple ruined Shortcuts. The app worked awesome and there were no problems (as far as I can remember) on i(Pad)OS 13 (the version I started, so I can't say anything about iOS 12), however, Apple changed them so it's 10x worse on i(Pad)OS 14 and newer. I mostly work on HTML, CSS and JavaScript these days, and I have been coding Discord themes for Powercord. I have also been working on Minecraft servers that I have been coding with Skript

My socials!

I'm most active on my Discord so if you want a quick answer, I recommend sending a messages on there!

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You can also spy at some projects I'm doing on my GitHub!

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